Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back on the Blog

Don't it just cheese you off when you go to a blog hoping, just hoping that there will be something new. And there isn't.

My apologies to all those who have patiently waited for some inkling of what I am doing. Part of the problem is that I don't like posting work I am doing for people if they have a blog of their own. Prime example is, DV's beautiful and informative posting of his adventures into 18th century India, and the rise and demise of Moghul supremacy. As far as I know every figure displayed has been painted by my good self, much to my surprise, considering that DV is now measuring the size of the army, not by number of figures, but by metres of coverage.

This sucker is BIG. Two years of work, for me. Lifetime of devotion for DV. Here is an example DV has already posted so I can break this rule a little.

So it gives him the chance to show his stuff without me pre-empting, and he has way more info on the units and period than do I. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

However, it also means that I won't show the Skaven I have painted. I trust they will find their way to his other blog, Much modelling goodness there.

The other reason I may take time in blogging is that I don't like repetition. A lot of what I do is similar to previous jobs. If you've seen one French line infantryman, you've seen them all . . .

(Peter steps aside for a second, to muse:

. . . which is actually a good lesson for many figure manufacturers. What is the reasoning behind producing the same type of figures that others have already produced en masse, and possibly better. How many French Old Guard grenadiers can there be out there? How many times will we see a new sculptor bring out another German WWII SS stormtrooper? Kudos to the Perry's for the Carlist list, well done Gringo 40's for the larger scale Mexican and American forces, and to all the others striving for l'difference. Prime example, DV with the new Golconda Indian range he is developing. Breaths of fresh air . . .

Peter returns to his regular broadcast)

I will break the rule a little just to show examples of the Wargame Factory figures I have used in conjunction with Pig Iron accessories, and Back2basix bases.

Simple figures conveying the less well-trained cannon fodder of the WH40K Imperial Guard. Kept the bodies and arms with weapons of the Wargame's Factory stormtrooper, and added heads, backpacks and pouches from Pig Iron. Trench bases are de-rigeur for resin base manufacturers, and they add a rough atmosphere to the piece, courtesy of Back2basix.

There will be about 80 of these Russian-types, as support for the Vostryans. Think of them as opolchenie, militia if you will. Then I'll start on the Germans, as support for the Death Korps of Krieg.

Can't leave without one colourful piece. This is such a good machine, the WH40K Ironclad Dreadnought, big, bulky, heavy armaments, lots of flat surfaces for designs and additions. All in all, a cracker of a piece.

I made this one up to be newly minted, a fallen hero recently incarcerated in a new tin can, ready for his first mission. His awards are few, and he is ready to make his mark. Possibly, as the base indicates, in clearing a space hulk. He would make a good additon to an expanded Blood Angels terminator squad.

I kept the scheme simple, not too many designs, a Forgeworld brass photoetch Blood Angels symbol, all to emphasise his first foray as a dreadnought.

The next blog may be of interest. I'm going to do a step-by-step, I hesitate to call it a tutorial, more a journey, as I put together either a Forgeworld Crassus Transport vehicle, or the Forgeworld Marienburg Landship. Eventually I will do both, as well as the Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon. Give me an idea on what you would like to see in the poll of to the left there . .  no higher . . . your left . . . no, the other left . . . that's the one.

Cheers and thanks to everyone for your continued patronage.