Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the middle of a great project.

Alternate Jacobite Rebellion 1745

That's correct, folks. Tartans, sporrans and jocks a'strappin'. Conceived by Chris Mantzakos to throw fear into the hearts of pasty-faced Englishmen everywhere, for honour and love of the wee prince of Scotland with a strange Italian accent.

What if the Royal Ecossais raised a second battalion? What if British and Irish regiments joined the Uprising? What if the French made more of an effort? This may have been the army at Culloden.

So far only the Highlanders and Ecossais are complete. Figures are Front Rank generally, the dogs are Foundry and anything else I could scrounge, flags are handpainted, the tufts are Leadbear.

The basing is Impetus, following my idea of each being a small diorama in and of itself, reflecting the nature of warfare and the style of the individual army and unit.

Royal Ecossais, Colonel's colour

Royal Ecossais, Regimental colour.


Ardsheal's Appin Regiment.

Lord Ogilvie's Regiment

Glendessary's Ruddy Banner; Camerons of Glendessary, although sometimes attributed to Lochiels.

More pictures to come.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It's been a while since my last report. No apologies, just a nod to the vagaries of life.

So to spring myself back into action, a short look at a project I've almost completed: French Ordonnance Army, mid to late 15th century, for the honourable Mr. Ross Cotsios.

The first base I did, Impetus basing, was for a group of Perry peasants. What can you do with peasants to make them interesting? We decided to return them to their natural habitat: a pigsty. Harsh you might say? Monsieur, those cochons be damned coûteux. 

I like to do at least one base in an army that shows something of the army's nature. Impetus lends itself to this, with big unit bases and plenty of military and social history to draw from. Then it's just execution.

More of these images will go up over the coming weeks and months. I'll share some ideas, and bitch a little, and we'll all have a few laughs. And just to give you a small taste: