Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sometimes it's the Little Things

After the marathon blog of the other day, maybe it's time to slow down, relax and just appreciate some pieces without all the brou-haha.

My two favourite pieces from the Cadian Special Ops Kill Team that I did for CBW, using Forgeworld Cadian drop troops with suppressors added to their guns and in the case of the officer, an added head from Pig Iron Productions. Bases from Dragon Forge.

These Forgeworld Tau pieces are so subtle, little in the way of equipment, just jumpsuits, a bit of armour, no helmets, and an imperious Tau glare. Love these guys.

And finally, from the Pearson collection, a figure that cost an arm and a leg. Picked this guy up from Ebay, wanted him, was going to have him, but not for the price that was being asked. Hit the wrong button on the Ebay page, and found that I was the proud owner of a splendid figure that many others got for free when they bought a GW army pack. Wasn't free for me however. Have become far more cautious when dealing with Ebay since.

Won't say what the price was, my mother may read this.

Despite my faux pas, I like this figure and the scarlet and crimson accoutrements lend a splash of colour to a grim warrior.

Especially when he leads the rest of the Dark Angels. Suitably brutal figures.

Hope you like. Going off to watch Carlton play Sydney in the mud tonight, with my brothers.

Go the mighty Blues.



  1. lovely stuff, especialy the Cadians.

  2. Fantastic job on the Tau. Very subtle as you say, but very nice. I'm starting to change my opinion of the Tau.

    Love the Dark Angels.... That commander has come up trumps. Stunning.

  3. Wicked Peter!


  4. Christ they're well done, nice work sir.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. Truly appreciated.