Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great service from Lifelites and Caliver Books

Just received my first order from Lifelites, a company that has created a lighting system for primarily Lego models, but that can be applied to apparently any type of model.

Here's the link:

Check out their gallery and the system. Even a Luddite like myself can figure it out. Here's a couple of examples of the results using Lifelites:

I did, of course, cock up the order, leaving out a single cable that would have made it easy to complete the lighting plan I have in mind. So back online I went and ordered the single cable. The freight was expensive, nothing we as modellers don't expect, but Rob at Lifelites took pity on a lonely incompetemt like myself, said that he hated me having to pay so much for a single cable, and he threw in three extra cables, gratis.

Great service and more orders to come.

As for Caliver Books, sent an order in, quite a substantial one, for Minifigs. The order turned up in Australia, two weeks after payment, all present and correct, couple of extra figures (possibly for breakages). Dave and his crew are doing a great job in my opinion and deserve all the support we can give them.

Even when I realised that I had ordered the wrong figure, Dave was happy to rectify the situation. In an earlier order, one of the boxes went astray. Dave replaced the missing figures without cost, and the new pieces arrived a week later.

I have received excellent service from both these companies, and fully intend to support them in the future.


  1. nice one, lots of opportunities for detailing buildings and vehicles with them!


  2. Pete

    We need an update on all your great work