Friday, March 18, 2011

Napoleonic Spaniards - a couple of pics

These were part of a project I did for Ian Trout. He's always wanted Spaniards, and I had the opportunity to paint a few Front Rank pieces for him.

I'm happy with these, especially the hand-painted flags. Hope you enjoy.

You may have noticed the lack of "witty" banter on this blog. Apparently I have been engaging in it, possibly a little too much for the taste of some. Heaven forbid that I drag the narration of the hobby into an area where it is not only informative but entertaining. That would go against nature.

And apparently letting the figures speak for themselves is all the rage.

Of course, I will continue to write as I see fit in future blogs. And my figures are quite capable of standing up for themselves.

Don't like it? Welcome to go elsewhere.

Besides, it's not as if I'm advertising . . . I'm just sharing my figures.

It's been a pleasure . .



  1. I rather enjoy the witty banter..more of a witty stream of conscious narrative. I don't usually engage in it as I am a poor typist and fairly average speller..

  2. Fantastic looking figures. They really look great and makes me want a Spanish army now. Regards, Dean

  3. Really nice work & bring back the witty banter.

  4. Oh, okay, my arm is twisted . . .

  5. Now I have to get some Spanish

    They look wonderful and you cannot beat a hand painted flag

  6. Lovely work Peter,


  7. Witty banter señor! Expats in Spanish countries demand it!

  8. Oh, allright, goddammit. I shall banter as if wit is going out of style.

    Don't say you haven't been warned !!!


  9. Fantastic painting. I love the Spanish and I have to admit yours are some of the best I have seen painted

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