Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bashing of Kits

I get a kick out of kit-bashing. I enjoy taking someone's idea for a figure and expanding on it, whether it be as simple as adding a couple of ammo pouches to a WH40K Imperial guardsman, or going to town and transforming a figure extensively.

For instance, this was originally an Elysian drop trooper from Forgeworld. I added a WW2 German feldmutze (love the German field cap, very James Coburn in Cross of Iron), cut down the jump pack so he looked like he was toting a rebreather on his back (for those times when oxygen just won't cut it), and then cut down the barrel on his weapon and added a suppressor from the 40k Space Marine scout sharpshooter.

Then some sharp black fatigues, and a Dragonforge base (my favourite, the Broken Wasteland Set).

And voila! a tough squad leader for a 10-man kill team.

Other examples:

A fun project, and when I add the dedicated Valkyrie transport (interior already painted with seated kill-team awaiting deployment), it will provide an interesting random element into any game - and not just for 40K.

Peter C.


  1. Very nice Peter. I'm currently painting some miniatures for Michael Broadbent that are tomorrow type troops. They are to be released sometime earlier this year.

    Love your work.


  2. Thanks Helen. I appreciate your interest.

    I like what you did with the Horus-headed pieces from Shadowforge. The green and gold work well together. They would fit in well with Crocodile's Gods of Aegyptus.

    Can't wait to see what you do with Michael's sculpts. His clean lines would compliment your painting very well, I think.

    PC (ex-Kambah boy)

  3. Thanks Peter very much. I think I'm improving all the time.

    Neil's miniatures are great to work with even though they are small.

    Must get back onto Michael and get an enlarge photo for the other set.


  4. These are truly special

    they look even better in the flesh

  5. CBW, only achieved through the forebearance and enthusiasm of generous and trusting friends. Would never have the opportunity but for them.