Monday, January 3, 2011

Surprise!!! And you said I would never do it . . .

Meet one of the latest members of the ever-growing horde of wildly diverse figures that have endured my attentions.

Crocodile Games' magnificent Abominable Snowman, who I have named "Sully", for reasons obvious to anyone who has seen Monsters Inc.

Needed some Green Stuff filling, and a degree of upper body strength to hold aloft, but well worth the effort.

You could almost use Sully in a GW Ogre army with this magnificent bastard, if GW would allow such abhorrent behaviour.

Enjoyed painting this beasty, started figuring out rust techniques about this time. Heaps more of these boys to do, but of course so little time.

Great idea this, (good one, DV), using Bretonnians to represent historical armies, in this instance the Knights of St.John, from the Battle of Nicopolis 1396. Added Scibor heads and Back2basix resin bases, and heaps of red paint.

Well, there you are for the moment, just something to wet the whistle. I am taking pics of everything I'm painting at the moment, so I think I will just whack them onto the board and let you peruse as is your wont.

I will probably comment, or throw in some interesting thoughts or discoveries I made along the way. Don't expect anything profound, or overly scintillating. I leave that to others.

Hope that it will be fun.

Peter C.

Oh, allright, just one more.

Gotta love Scibor!
One in the eye for GW.

Don't get me wrong, I love GW figures, they have given me much enjoyment and major headaches since they were Citadel.

I just don't like monopolies. They stifle initiative and imagination. Bad monopolies, bad, bad monopolies.



  1. Well thyat's the pot calling the kettle black...

    Very nice Peter

  2. Very nice blog and what wonderful skill! I assume you are the artist responsible for GW's grand armies?


  3. Outstanding work!

    I may be prejudiced, but for me the 'magnificent bastard' (2nd from top) has a Pirate - 18th C. 'look' (probably because of his weaponry?): could be a Sumo-wrestler sized member of the Gypsies in 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'.

    Looking for more!
    Best wishes,

  4. Great work Master

    looking forward to seeing more

  5. Great to see your blog up and running Pete! It gives others the chance to have a look at the great work you do. Keep it up!

  6. Very nice work. Nice to see quality painted figures.