Sunday, January 23, 2011

Orky Hardware

There is something about Orks. Nasty, dirty, vicious little bastards. But you gotta love them.

The Grot Bomb Clanky Lobber is one of my favourites. Part of the Pearson Collection, it is primarily a Forgeworld construct with GW bits thrown in to keep everyone thinking.

I used the stolen Rhino kit from FW, adding the Grot Bomb Launcher and various FW resin grots (displaying the labourer's ethic - one works, two watch on and comment).

Meanwhile another grot doesn't pay attention while arming the next projectile and gets suspended for his trouble. The armature is taken from the GW Ork Killa Kan plastic kit. The grot is GW also, from the Gargant kit.

And the big boys take this lethal mix to the enemy.

Better shot of the armature.

This piece was a combination of the old Epicast Spleen Ripper body, GW chassis and partial gun barrel, and two FW side sponson machine gunners.

This is the FW Ork Kil Krusha and a complex little monkey it is too. What you see is not all you get. The back is open for some beautiful interior detail. Painting it was a chore but very satisfying, as it had to be painted in separate sections (not easy to do). It was, however, immensely satisfying to see it all fall into place. It isn't truly awe-inspiring until it is all together. And the pieces fit together with the least amount of fuss and juggling, surprising considering how complex it was. Part of CBW's Collection.

Back view, with the master gunner pondering his fate inspired by his pet squig, while a powder monkey ejects a casing. This pic does not do the interior justice.

A small squadron of FW Grot Tanks. Interchangeable grots, track mountings, turrets and weapons systems allow for a huge amount of variation in the vehicles.

The FW Ork Mek Boss and retinue. Little to say, other than a nice piece with reasonably sturdy appendages, considering its material (resin).

I like this piece. Also in CBW's collection, it is one nasty hunk of machinery, constructed from the GW kit without any additions or kit-bashing. Doesn't need it.

Another Killa Kan straight from the box, a suitably scarred vehicle.

A Kan sprints into battle. I don't see these pieces as slow, lumbering behemoths. I see them more as sprightly, swift, lethal. Something like the living dead in the movie "28 Days". Terrifying thing, scared the hell out of me. I saw the Kans as somewhat the same, albeit clanking loudly and smelling like diesel.

To that end, this piece embodies that ideal, leaping over a barricade and letting fly with a missile. Who said Orks couldn't multi-task? The plume of smoke is sculpted in copper wire covered in Green Stuff and Squadron White Putty. I think it works, but I will continue to work on it.

Hope you like. Stay tuned.



  1. How could anyone not love the Orks? They show ingenuity, a sense of humor as well as all the big guns a Grot can carry and then some!

    Great work as always Pete. The Looted Rhino is one of my favorite pieces!

  2. I concur Ant

    The orks are brilliant

    Keep up the great work Master