Monday, January 3, 2011

Onwards and Upwards.

I've been painting Minifigs since before I can remember. Gave me a great thrill to paint more as my latter years fast approach. These gentlemen are a battalion of Bavarian gendarmes in GdB mode.

Yes, I know, probably never used on a battlefield anywhere and there usually weren't enough in any one place to constitute a company, but it is such a nice uniform, giving some relief to the usual cornflower blue. I used Minifigs Nassau, for the shako and trouser look.

Then there are the beautiful Front Rank figures. Lovely Spaniards, but with that painful Hapsburg cross on the flag. Luckily, however, the heraldry was at a minimum.

Note: The flags are hand-painted on metal sheeting - actually toothpaste tube metal, but therein lies another tale. I will expose that secret later.

And the mounted boys in yellow, always popular.

Wargames Foundry, painted up as the 84th British in India, c1754, I think. Basing by GreatWhiteZulu.

Forgive me if this seems a little scatter-shot in presentation. I am finding my feet with this whole blogging thing, and have yet to discover a theme beyond "Look, see what I done, ain't I good?"

I'm an actor, I seek reassurance. I will settle down eventually, I promise.

Peter C.

Just to emphasise the haphazard approach, here is my commissar's Baneblade. GW had one done up as a commissar's tank in black and gold, which annoyed me a little.

I would have thought that a commissar's tank would look more like Lubjanka prison and less like a Prada handbag. Just saying . . .


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